Air Force Issues Doctrine on Homeland Operations

The U.S. Air Force has produced a new doctrinal document (pdf) that articulates its role in “homeland operations.”

“This document describes how our Air Force organizes and employs air and space power in operations in the homeland.”

“It focuses on how we support civilian agencies through the appropriate combatant commander in a variety of operations, such as neutralizing terrorist threats, responding to natural disasters, and supporting the traditional mission of homeland defense.”

See “Homeland Operations,” Air Force Doctrine Document AFDD 2-10, March 21, 2006.

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  1. David Ferrier April 23, 2006 at 2:35 PM #

    “Homeland Operations,” Air Force Doctrine Document AFDD 2-10, March 21, 2006, p. 27, Figure 3.1, Potential Defense Support of Civil Authority Missions, annotated and sorted by threat categories

    Annotations (see numbers in brackets in text)

    1 State funerals require air cover?
    2 “Mass Immigration” – a new form of terrorism?
    3 Who gets to say whether it’s a “civil disturbance” or a “peaceful assembly”?
    4 “Support for Civil Disturbances” – shouldn’t that be “Control of Civil Disturbances”?
    5 Strikebreaking – another service provided by the military-industrial complex.
    6 “Postal Work Stoppage” – another new form of terrorism?
    7 Remember the Minutemen? To King George III and British troops in North America in 1776, they were terrorists; to Patrick Henry and the Americans, partisans.
    8 Who gets to say whether it’s an insurrection or a legitimate request for a change in government?
    9 “National Special Security Event” – an Air Force Special Olympics?.

    Threat category,

    Act of God
    g Drought
    g Earthquake
    g Epidemic
    g Explosion
    g Fire
    g Flood
    g Hurricane/Typhoon
    g Landslide
    g Snowstorm
    g Tornado
    g Tsunami/Tidal Wave
    g Volcanic Eruption

    a Continuity of Operations
    a State Funerals [1]

    Disaster - Animal Disease
    - Biological Incident
    - Chemical Incident
    - Critical Infrastructure
    - Medical Evacuation
    - Oil Spill
    - Radiological Incident
    - Space Debris Impact

    Law enforcement
    l Counter Drug Operations
    l Mass Immigration [2]
    l Military Support to Civilian Law Enforcement

    r Civil Disturbance [3]
    r Military Support for Civil Disturbances [4]

    Strikebreaking [5]
    s Postal Work Stoppage [6]

    Terrorist [7]
    t Counter Terrorism
    t Insurrection [8]
    t Terrorist Attack

    ? National Special Security Event [9]