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Flame wars

I was stationed on an old submarine – at the time we took it into the shipyard for decommissioning it was one of the half-dozen oldest nuclear submarines in the world. It was creaky, things stuck or broke, it was sometimes temperamental – come to think of it, pretty much the way my body is […]

Who’s next?

  First we got the bomb and that was good, ‘cause we love peace and brotherhood. Then Russia got the bomb, but that’s OK ‘cause the balance of power’s maintained that way. Who’s next?    From the song “Who’s Next” by musician, satirist, and mathematician Tom Lehrer   An early American nuclear submarine, the USS Scorpion, […]

Back to the basics: producing fissile materials

Fissile materials have been in the news a lot in recent years – Iran’s uranium enrichment program, North Korea’s continuing nuclear weapons program, the on-going nuclear security summit, and so forth. Given all of this attention this seems like a good time to talk about what fissile materials are and how they’re produced – and […]