So how far are we willing to go to keep ourselves safe? We’ve heard a lot of stories – we’ve experienced them! Think about all the contortions we go through at the airport – the TSA striptease comes to mind – not to mention the whole deal with having to leave water bottles and regular-sized […]


When I was younger I used to wonder how I could know if the reality I perceived was the same thing that other people perceived. In Philosophy 101 I found out that this is actually a fairly common question – when you see something that’s red, for example, how do I know that it’s making […]

The Anti-Hero

It’s easy to be inspired by the hero, even if we never put ourselves at risk for the sake of another. But it can be hard to really understand heroism – I know, for example, that I positively cannot envision what must go through a soldier’s mind as he’s running through enemy fire to try […]

First do no harm

Although I know that leading off with an apology is not recommended, in this case it seems appropriate to do so in this case – for having been somewhat erratic in the last few postings, and for having missed last week. The emergency response to Hurricane Sandy (now apparently renamed “Superstorm Sandy”) is winding down […]