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Solar Storms

Over the weekend Earth was slammed by the biggest solar storm in about a decade. Days earlier a huge x-class solar flare (the most powerful category) had blasted millions of tons of hydrogen into space, with Earth in the cross-hairs. The eruption – called a coronal mass ejection – blasted through space at more than […]

The radium age

My Great-Uncle Harvey was the only physician I knew as a kid. He delivered my father, my aunt, me, and my sister; he visited me in the hospital when I had my tonsils out; gave us our shots; and attended to all of the other minutiae of keeping us all healthy. In fact, it wasn’t […]

Whither nuclear power?

North American wolves were hunted to near-extinction because they preyed on livestock. In recent years, after decades of recovery efforts, wolves have again become plentiful enough in some areas that predation is again a concern – to stave off ranchers’ demands to hunt wolves in order to reduce the numbers of lost livestock, meat is […]

Radioactive tissues?

In the first radiological news story of 2012 Bed, Bath, & Beyond announced on January 12 that it had received a shipment of steel tissue holders (manufactured in India) that were contaminated with radioactive cobalt-60. As of this writing it is not quite certain exactly where the Co-60 came from, although there are some guesses (more […]