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So how far are we willing to go to keep ourselves safe? We’ve heard a lot of stories – we’ve experienced them! Think about all the contortions we go through at the airport – the TSA striptease comes to mind – not to mention the whole deal with having to leave water bottles and regular-sized […]

First do no harm

Although I know that leading off with an apology is not recommended, in this case it seems appropriate to do so in this case – for having been somewhat erratic in the last few postings, and for having missed last week. The emergency response to Hurricane Sandy (now apparently renamed “Superstorm Sandy”) is winding down […]

Human nature

This week’s posting is a bit tardy – in the continuing aftermath of Hurricane Sandy I’ve been helping on the night shift at one of the city’s shelters and, more recently, been helping to check on the occupants of high-rises and housing project buildings in some of the areas affected by the storm. It’s been […]

Extreme weather

I’d initially planned on writing about the tension between freedom of information versus security for this week’s posting, but this week’s weather has given rise to some musings that seem a bit more relevant and immediate. So – I hope you’ll indulge me in discussing what I’m sure hundreds (or thousands) of other bloggers (not […]