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FAS Podcast: Biological Weapons and the Virtual Biosecurity Center

Anthrax. Smallpox. Plague. We are familiar with these potential weapons of mass destruction, but how do they differ from other WMDs? In a new edition of the FAS podcast series, “A Conversation with an Expert,” Ms. Kelsey Gregg, Manager of the Biosecurity Program and Virtual Biosecurity Center discusses biological weapons and how they differ from […]

The Monthly Roundup: June 2011

Popular headlines in biosecurity news The Monthly Roundup is a new article featuring the top news stories from the Virtual Biosecurity Center (VBC). The VBC is a global resource for daily biosecurity news and current topics. Every month, a collection of the VBC’s most popular headlines will be summarized with a brief analysis to keep […]

Nishal Mohan

Globalizing Biosecurity: The Virtual Biosecurity Center

Dr. Nishal Mohan, Biosecurity Program Manager at the Federation of American Scientists and the Executive Director of the Virtual Biosecurity Center (VBC), spoke on the subject of ‘Globalizing Biosecurity: The Virtual Biosecurity Center’ at Princeton University on April 8, 2011. This talk is part of the Princeton Biosecurity Seminar Series, sponsored by the MacArthur Foundation. […]