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FAS Roundup- October 24, 2011

One of the benefits of FAS membership is receiving weekly updates regarding the latest news and information on science and technology issues affecting our world. I am excited to share with you a new e-newsletter that will be sent to members every week, highlighting events, publications, reports and news from FAS and our experts about […]

The Surprising Science of Nuclear Terrorism

FAS is committed to communicating in a clear, credible, and non-fear-mongering way about security threats. In this recent, brief YouTube video, FAS Board member Devabhaktuni “Sri” Srikrishna talks about the nuclear weapons-usable material highly enriched uranium (HEU). He explains why it is a security concern and what can and should be done to reduce the risk of nuclear terrorism involving […]

Report: The Rise, Fall and Possible Resurrection of Science Policy in the US

America’s institutions for providing science advice are in “crisis.” This report (PDF) discusses steps that Congress, the executive branch, outside scientific groups and individuals can take to help solve the problem. Read the report Flying Blind: The Rise, Fall and Possible Resurrection of Science Policy Advice in the United States (PDF).