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FAS Roundup- February 6, 2012

FAS Roundup: February 6, 2012 Congress calls for accelerated use of drones, update on radioactive tissue boxes, federal agencies likely to miss 2013 declassification deadline and much more. From the Blogs Raven Rock and Continuity of Government: A newly revised U.S. Air Force directive on continuity of operations under emergency circumstances refers matter-of-factly to Raven […]

Nuclear Aftershocks: Upcoming Appearance on PBS’s Frontline

I am excited to tell you that I will appear on PBS’s Frontline on Tuesday, January 17, 2012.  In “Nuclear Aftershocks,” Miles O’Brien examines the hazards and benefits of nuclear energy. I will be speaking about the implications for U.S. nuclear safety after the Fukushima nuclear power plant accident in Japan last March. For more information […]

FAS Roundup- November 28, 2011

FAS Roundup: November 28, 2011 New CRS reports, petition to assess nuclear threat, Take Action blog featuring Iran’s nuclear program and more.  From the Blogs New CRS Reports: Secrecy News has obtained new reports from the Congressional Research Service; topics of these reports include: U.S. government programs to identify and deport criminal aliens and the […]

FAS Roundup-November 14, 2011

FAS Roundup: November 14, 2011 Dispute over nuclear weapons program costs, IAEA Iran report analysis, new documentary on anthrax, terrorist threat to Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal and more. From the Blogs New Air Force policy directive on “Directive Energy Weapons” and letter from Representative Maurice Hinchey (D-NY) to President Obama asking to expedite the declassification of […]

FAS Roundup- November 7, 2011

Letter to the Obama administration regarding nuclear budget, new podcast highlighting sustainable energy and water security, 2011 intelligence budget spending on the decline and  more.   From the Blogs Prospects Fade for a Separate Intelligence Budget: Steven Aftergood writes about the National Intelligence Program budget, which will mostly remain hidden in the Department of Defense […]