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FAS Roundup: January 28, 2013

Former CIA officer sentenced for leak, Pentagon relaxes censorship of Afghan war memoir and much more. From the Blogs ODNI Releases FY 2009 Budget Book (Redacted): The Office of the Director of National Intelligence has released a heavily redacted version of its Congressional Budget Justification Book for Fiscal Year 2009 in response to a request […]

FAS Roundup: January 7, 2013

Iran’s intelligence ministry, intelligence oversight and public accountability, new CRS reports and much more. From the Blogs Senate Passes Intelligence Bill Without Anti-Leak Measures: On December 28, the Senate passed the FY2013 intelligence authorization act after most of the controversial provisions intended to combat leaks had been removed. The provisions that were removed from the […]

FAS Roundup: December 10, 2012

New START data, Syria’s chemical weapons, transparency on U.S. nuclear forces and much more.   Why Assad Won’t Use His Chemical Weapons Syria likely has one of the largest and most sophisticated chemical weapon programs in the world, including hundreds of tons of sarin. There are  reports this week that Syria is preparing to deploy […]

FAS Roundup: August 27, 2012

STRATCOM Commander rejects high estimates of China’s nuclear arsenal,  security of dangerous materials, and much more. From the Blogs STRATCOM Commander Rejects High Estimates for Chinese Nuclear Arsenal: The commander of U.S. Strategic Command (STRATCOM), General Kehler, has rejected claims that China’s nuclear arsenal is much larger than commonly believed. His statement comes at an […]

FAS Roundup: August 20, 2012

Case dismissed based on state secret privilege, Bio agents app, new CRS reports  and much more. From the Blogs Court Dismisses Case Based on State Secrets Privilege: On August 14, a federal court dismissed a lawsuit which alleged that the Federal Bureau of Investigation had engaged in unlawful surveillance of Muslim residents of southern California. […]

FAS Roundup: August 6, 2012

Anniversary of Hiroshima, sanctions on Iran, anti-leak measures in Senate Bill and much more. FAS Perspectives on Hiroshima To commemorate the 67th anniversary of the atomic bombing of the city of Hiroshima, FAS has invited members and distinguished experts to submit an opinion or reminiscence of Hiroshima and its lasting impacts for nuclear security and […]

FAS Roundup: July 23, 2012

New online debate series, history of Soviet biological weapons program, India’s nuclear arsenal and much more. FAS Launches New Online Feature: “Up for Debate” FAS launched its new online debate series, “Up for Debate.” Every two weeks, the feature will highlight a new science and security issue to be discussed by experts and leaders from […]

FAS Roundup: June 25, 2012

FAS issue brief and podcast on sanctions in Iran and North Korea, new CRS reports and much more. Sanctions and Nonproliferation in Iran and North Korea This week, FAS released a new issue brief, “Sanctions and Nonproliferation in North Korea and Iran,” co-authored by Mr. Daniel Wertz, Program Officer at the National Committee on North […]

FAS Roundup: June 11, 2012

From the Blogs Bill to Strengthen Whistleblower Protections Advances: Last week the House Oversight Committee reported out the Whistleblower Protection Enhancement Act, a bill that is intended to increase protections for government employees and contractors who “blow the whistle” and disclose illegal or improper government activity.  Steven Aftergood writes that among other things, the bill […]

Issue Brief: Sanctions and Nonproliferation in North Korea and Iran

The nuclear programs of North Korea and Iran have been, for many years, two of the most pressing and intractable security challenges facing the United States and the international community. While frequently lumped together as “rogue states,” the two countries have vastly different social, economic, and political systems, and the history and status of their […]