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Call to Action: U.S. and Russian Relations

This week, members of a Congressional delegation are visiting Moscow to investigate the background of the Boston Marathon bombing suspects. Two members of the delegation, Republican Congressmen Dana Rohrabacher of California, and Steve King of Iowa, broke from their party’s anti- Russia stance and called for closer collaboration with Russian colleagues on matters of intelligence […]

FAS Joins Arms Controls Groups to Save Threat Reduction and Nonproliferation Programs

On October 27, 2011, FAS has joined the Friends Committee on National Legislation (FCNL) and other arms control groups to send a letter to the Obama administration asking for stronger action to support its budget goals for nuclear nonproliferation programs. Please find the letter below.   2011 November 1: Foreign Policy, “Arms Control Groups Appeal to […]

Biosecurity Bills Before Congress

With the lame-duck congressional session drawing to a close there is not much time for action on the biosecurity related bills before Congress.  So what does this mean for biosecurity and biosecurity related legislation?  Congress is considering several bills related to biosecurity, but little progress is expected during the remainder of the lame-duck session. First, […]