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Up for Debate: Defense Budget

Carl Conetta, Charles Knight, and Ethan Rosenkranz of the Project on Defense Alternatives; Mackenzie Eaglen of the American Enterprise Institute (AEI); and Mr. Christopher Preble of the CATO Institute debate below whether the U.S. should increase or decrease its spending for defense. Debate: Should the United States increase or decrease its spending for defense?  The word “sequestration” […]

Up for Debate: Syria’s Chemical Weapons

Mr. Doug Bandow of The CATO Institute and Mr. Luke Coffey of the Heritage Foundation debate below about whether military intervention by the U.S. to secure Syria’s chemical stockpiles could worsen the situation, leading potentially to the use of those chemical weapons Debate: Risks and Benefits of U.S. Military Intervention to Secure Syria’s Chemical Weapons n […]

Up for Debate: Iran Sanctions

Dr. Fariborz Ghadar of the Center for Strategic and International Studies; Ms. Malou Innocent of The CATO Institute; Dr. Michael Rubin of the American Enterprise Institute; and Dr. Djavid Salehi-Isfahani of Virginia Tech and the Brookings Institution debate about the United States and United Nations sanctions policy towards Iran. Debate: Should the United States Rethink Sanctions […]

Up for Debate: Laser Isotope Separation

Prof. Mark Raizen and Dr. Francis Slakey debate the benefits and risks of dual use scientific research. Is the promise of tapping into the rare isotopes of the elements worth risking the threat of nuclear proliferation? Debate: The Risks and Benefits of Laser Isotope Separation (LIS) In April 2012, Nature published “Controversial Research: Good Science Bad Science,”  which focused […]