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Monitor, Manage & Share: Addressing Environmental Research Needs in Yemen

Over the past three weeks in Sana’a, rain has fallen nearly every day.  So much so that the primary drainage canal for the Old City (the Salia)—normally a roadway—has run with feet of water on multiple occasions. See  the Salia running with water in this FAS Youtube video.   It is an arid city, but […]

Extending the Relationship: The U.S. and Science in Yemen

As they wrap up their meetings on the development of the International Science Partnership (ISP) between the U.S. and Yemen, Dr. Charles Ferguson and Lindsey Marburger share their perceptions on the future of the ISP, the needs of Yemen and the Yemeni scientific community, and areas for collaboration between American and Yemeni researchers. Click here to […]

Extending Global Science Engagement: FAS Travels to Yemen

Consider this city:  climate models predict that its annual precipitation over the next fifty years will dramatically decrease, in some years disappearing altogether; the summers are likely to get hotter; the population is steadily growing and with it, electricity demand; as the population increases, the city is expanding outward and demand for transportation infrastructure, private […]

That sexy, sexy insulation

In his speech last Tuesday, President Obama defended the reputation of insulation, stating “See, I told you, insulation’s sexy.”  His assertion that insulation is a hot and sexy building material is based on the cost-effectiveness of insulation for both new construction and retrofits.  And when he stated that “if you saw $20 bills just sort […]

Buildings Energy Efficiency: A Necessary Consideration at Copenhagen

Over the opening days of the Copenhagen Climate Negotiations, which began this Monday, each country has been asked to consider how it can contribute to the 25-40% carbon emission reductions climate scientists believe to be necessary to keep climate change below the 2C mark.  Key issues at stake for the 170 nations represented include commitments […]