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Special Edition FAS Podcast

Listen to a special edition FAS podcast: “A Conversation With An Expert,” featuring the FAS President, Charles Ferguson. Topics discussed include the strategic short and long term goals of FAS, a preview of the new Earth Systems Program, an explanation of how FAS will cope with the 2010 philanthropy outlook, and much more. Enjoy! Click […]

FAS Membership Survey

Thank you for taking a few moments to fill out the membership survey below. Your answers will allow us to improve how we serve you. The survey below is 25 questions long, and should only take you 5-10 minutes to fill out. Feel free not to answer every question. When finished, please click Submit Survey. […]

FAS Spotlight: Ivanka Barzashka Puzzles Over Iran’s Nuclear Program

Ivanka Barzashka is intrigued by the puzzle that is Iran’s nuclear program. Unlike North Korea’s public pursuit of nuclear weapons, Iran has been steadfast in its denial of developing a nuclear bomb, stating time and time again that it is pursuing a self-sustaining nuclear energy program. The dual-use nature of nuclear technology, specifically uranium enrichment, is […]