Al Gore’s BIO Convention Keynote

Al Gore At BIO 2010 (Credit: Allen Dodson)

Al Gore At BIO 2010 (Credit: Allen Dodson)

Former US Vice President, and leading climate advocate Al Gore gave the keynote for the full 2010 Biotechnology Industry Organization conference.  Though the Vice President’s address did not specifically focus on biosecurity, he highlighted several areas where biotechnology has a role to play in advancing the health and well-being of human kind.

The Vice President credits the biotechnology industry with advances in individualized medicine, stem cell research, DNA sequencing technology, and the development of next generation biofuels.  In particular, he noted that the latter might play a major role in slowing the rate of carbon dioxide emissions that are continuing to drive global climate change.  This may not be an infectious disease-related issue, but it certainly stands to be a major global security issue of our times.

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